Scorpion Dagger

Scorpion Dagger is a really loved giffer. His real name is James Kerr and he is a famous giffer on Tumblr. Surfing on web we didn’t find lots of personal informations but his personality and his ironic creativity are clear in his gifs.
His Tublr dashboard is full of animated Renaissance paintings, which are so fun.

www: scorpiondagger

Limited Edition gif for behind the gif web site.

Which is your design process when you create a GIF?

Generally speaking, once I have an idea for a GIF, I go looking for paintings to cut out elements to make the animation. I go looking for faces, arms, bodies, backgrounds, plants, etc… One thing that I’m really keen on is taking GIF as far away from the original paintings as possible. I almost want to be unrecognizable. Part of it is that I want to create a new universe for these characters to inhabit, but still have the same feeling / aesthetic of the original work.

How much time do you spend to create a GIF?

Anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. It really depends how scenes I need to make the story play out.

Do you have some artists for inspiration? Who are they?

Aside from the painters from whom I grab the images, who I deeply adore, I’d say my main inspiration for starting to collage is Gee Vaucher.

Why GIFs have had so much success during these years?

I believe it’s because you don’t need to hit play, there’s no annoying audio, and they’re fairly easy to make.

How your passion for GIFs was born?

Back in 2012, I was teaching myself how to animate, and was having a lot of fun making these short little videos. A friend of mine suggested that instead of uploading 1 to 2 second animations on Youtube, I export them as GIFs and post them on Tumblr. At that moment, this idea came to mind where I wanted to make one GIF a day for an entire year, and see if I couldn’t find a gallery interested in exhibiting them. I haven’t really stopped.


I export them as GIFs and post them on Tumblr

Do you deal with something else in your job or do you only design GIFs?

Now, I’m doing freelance animation more-or-less full-time. I wish I had more time to make random GIFs to post online, but sadly I need to pay the bills. Mind you, most of the jobs I get are in my style, so they’re usually a lot of fun to work on.

Do you have some tips for future giffers?

Just make them. Experiment with styles as much as possible until you find something that sticks . Even then, and I should probably follow this a little myself, experiment some more. And, share them like crazy!


Just make them

How do you pronounce GIF? “gif” or “jif”?

GIF. I have a really hard time pronouncing it the other way. Doesn’t seem natural.

Favourites Gif

Tough question. Right now it’s The Garden of Earthly delight by Carla Gannis. Just saw a giant projection of it at the smART gallery in Rome, and was completely blown away. I like most anything by Cari Vander Yatch. Same with Jess Mac. Space Jam, and the rest of his food themed work, by Justin Gammon. Chris Timmons‘ stuff too! I really don’t know. I like general styles more than specific GIFs.